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    Grand Technomansow Lord Kopy: (you can time the bath so when he wakes up he can wash up too) [12:57:34 PM] Ultimate Supreme Overlord Grand

    Technomansow Lord Kopy: I’m going to the gym for 15min [12:57:37 PM] Ultimate Supreme Overlord Grand Technomansow Lord Kopy: should take me about 20min [12:57:45 PM] Ultimate Supreme Overlord Grand Technomansow:

    Technomansow Lord Kopy: in the meantime [12:57:56 PM] Ultimate Supreme Overlord Grand Technomansow

    Righttobeforgottengdpr The Underground Orchestra: Truants – A Benefit for Fodor’s Tours Go: 9 p.m. Friday, April 17 Location: Hotel Montana Admission: $5, with an additional donation of at least $5 requested, to the charity for each album sold.

    The Underground Orchestra’s Truants is a tribute to the history and exploration of the Oregon Trail. Enjoy an evening of music, dancing, drink and “greatest hits” of Fodor’s Touring Guides. Proceeds benefit Fodor’s Guides. Loverboy / Tears for Fears – Dance Till Dawn in The Hot Club of Tucson Go: 8:30 p.m. Friday, April 17.

    Location: Tucson Musical Instrument Museum (TOM) Admission: $31.50, $43, $54 Get the party started at the Tucson Musical Instrument Museum (TOM) this Friday night as Tucson’s favorite DJs, the Loverboys, host a dance party featuring two top bands from the 1980’s and 90’s — Live 105’s Breakfast Show Artists of the 80’s, Tears for Fears, and Loverboy.